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19 reviews

La Luna - 9031

I have over 22 years practical experience as a clairvoyant, psychic and cartomancy forecaster (tarot cards). I am an energy worker who utilizes my spiritual skillset in conjunction with my psychology qualification as a freelance counsellor. I liaise with my Spirit Guides and Higher Consciousness to provide my clients with the peace of mind and upliftment they need. PIN: 9031

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

My endeared clients can expect a caring, unbiast and down-to-earth reading & delivery about anything that may be weighing on their minds. This may include the path and direction of their life journey, their soul's incarnated purpose, family matters, career prospects, questions about finances, spiritual hinderences, love, twin flame or soulmate and interpersonal relationship queries. I will gladly be of assistance in shining a gentle, intuitive light on whatever remains hidden from their immediate foresight.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

It is my pledge to constantly motivate each caller to find a workable solution to any discrepant circumstance he or she may find themselves in. I subtly encourage my clients to tune into the sacred vibration of their Higher Selves. My insight is therefore personable, relatable, humorous at times and nurtures the essence of self development. As a psychic medium, I mainly work with Source and usually apply cartomancy as a wonderful tool to guide me throughout a forecast or reading consultation.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

Being able to flow with Spirit and communicate with the Higher Realms is an absolute treasure I am eternally grateful for. I have a BA degree in Psychology and Human Sciences, and Anthropology plus Philosophy were some of my favourite subjects. I continuously research and write about the works of the Ancients, as well as current Masters, to further my mystic knowledge and skills and evolve as a spiritual counsellor. My soul's mission is to lovingly serve others in this beautiful lifetime. Life's good and not-so-good experiences have enriched me with knowledge, chiselled my psychic tools and blessed me with an attuned 6th sense. I was only 3 years old when I first communicated with the spirit world, and ever since, I have learned to embrace my extra-sensory perception (ESP) as an integral, miraculous part of an ever-expanding, infinite Universe.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I consult with a multitude of people from all walks of life regularly. Compassionate unity has great power, and I am incredibly thankful to be of humble comfort and support to my followers and clients. We all originate from the Source of Unconditional Love; ultimately, love conquers all! My psychic skills include - French Style Cartomancy (a unique type of card reading), pendulum scrying, palmistry and clairvoyance. I also have experience with past life readings, transcendental imagery and negative energy manifestation removal.

Recent Reviews Of La Luna



Thank u Luna u are brilliant you cheered me up. You are an amazing psychic and I will get back in touch when things have happened. You made me me strong and have hope x

- Louise , Nottingham



Pretty good, thank you

- Margaret, UK


Brilliant and lovely

Luna, I so love speaking to you that's why I was gutted when I got cut off.. thank you so much for today's reading, it really made alot of sense, especially with the POI situation. I feel very at ease speaking to you.. I'll catch up sometime later and let you know what has happened xx Your SA lady Carrie ??

- Carrie, Kent



- Ana, Uk


She really good

- Sam, Australia


Good connection

Very good and on point Very friendly

- P, East England


Great reader

I have been coming back to Luna for more than a year now, she has always been so correct in her predictions what's coming up and what's going on around. I have no doubt about what she says, love her.

- AF, Sydney


Amazing reader

La Luna is so expressive and detailed in her reading. She is very good at properly explaining the meaning relating to your situation, a true gift. Thank you Luna xx

- Sharon,



She is wonderful one of the best readers!!

- B, UK


Simply Wonderful

Great at picking up on things! Thank you for your brilliant way of interpreting things and helping me understand the connection better. Will be in touch to let you know the outcome. You helped me a lot thanks you. Do have a reading with her she is great!

- S, UK



Just had reading with Luna very intune no questions asked straight into the reading was amazing very good psychic give her a call up top list of readers on here thanks again Luna x

- Debs, Scotland



Brilliant reader, so very connected with Spirit, it's a pleasure to connect with you. Thank you

- JM, West Midlands



Had the best reading with La Luna. She is a pure gem!! Real genuine gift and reading was delivered with detail and love. Gave me so much hope for the future. I'll be back with updates real soon. Thankyou for picking me up when I was down.

- Leighton, Brighton


Picked up straight away on my situation and was brilliant giving encouragement to keep moving forward

- Gillian, Belfast


I'm on top of the world, i was lucky enough to be able to speak to you again today and to share my butterfly experience .. thank you so much

- Carrie SA expat in uk,


Absolutely Amazing

She just speaks without asking any leading questions. V accurate tuned in immediately and has a v high vibe and positive attitude - I think Luna is a fairy for sure! and a psychic one :-)

- Charlie F, London


She is Phenomenal

Luna picked up a complicated situation with my housing and love life so SPOT ON, I didn't have to prompt her at all. Instantly I knew she is a true psychic with strong psychic abilities. She gave me validations after validation of my past and present and when she predicted my future it seemed very much real and no fairy tale. I loved her reading and felt much more empowered after talking to her, because I am in a dark tunnel right now and she has shown me the light and helped to navigate my life better. I feel stronger and empowered after her reading. So thanks you Luna, you are an angel and I can't wait to talk to again.

- Anuradha, UK



It was so lovely to speak to Luna, she connected with me so well. Gave a very accurate and positive reading on a POI and our situation. I was gutted when i got cut off. Did try again but sadly you were busy. Love and light to you

- Carrie, SA expat in Kent uk



Highly recommend. Thank you/

- D, London


give this lady a try. picked up on everything. thank you

- a, bucks