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Zak - 8865

Hello, I specialise in tarot card readings and have over 10 years of experience using them. It has always been an up-and-down battle for me as a person trying to figure out my life's purpose until my spiritual awakening, which is when I realised that it was my destiny to help people. It took me years to realise and fully understand my gift and learn how it helped and healed many people just as much as it healed me. My readings are based on all aspects of life, including the specific questions you want to ask. I am a clairvoyant with strong mediumship skills. I use Tarot cards, and the guidance of my spirit guide to provide answers to your questions. PIN 8865

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Recent Reviews Of Zak


Just the best

Zak is a beautiful soul and always makes me feel so much better about myself and any situation I’m in. He has a rare gift and truly is a blessing in this world.

- M, London




- James, London


Amazing beautiful person!!

Many many Thanks it was wonderful to connect with you ur heart and ur energy is just beautiful amazing understaning person! God bless you Zak lot of love all the best! Nikola xxx

- Nikol, Xx



Lovely reader, he tunes in quickly and very accurate. Thank you Zack, your gift has helped me.

- M, Perth


Spiritual guidance 🙏

Sorry it cut off and thank you for your compassionate and non-judgemental guidance on my relationship situation, and for the clarity on how things are from a spiritual perspective, I really appreciate it and I feel very reassured.

- T, A



So much detail and so accurate. Answers all my questions with ease and predictions have come true. Cannot be faulted

- Fiona, UK



Mind blowing , deeply spiritual man I’m speechless ,, I highly recommend Thankyou Zak x

- Sandy, Midlands


Amazing +10⭐️'s

Zak was absolutely amazing, He is a very polite and lovely man to speak with. He asked what kind of reading I wanted and he immediately picked up on everything, was very detailed and was very fast. He didn't need names, D.O.B's or any information at all. Zak is very naturally gifted and very talented, for sure I'll definitely be coming back to have another reading with him. You truly are a very naturally gifted young man, Thank you so much x

- Sara, Barnsley



Thanks for a lovely reading zak will call back soon with updates bless you.

- Lorna, London



Really good clear and thorough definilty worth a call a lovely gentleman

- V, Swest


This guy is excellent!!

Absolutely mind blown by this guy. So sweet and puts you at complete ease. The irony was that the reader I chose originally was not available, so I decided to let the Universe decide for me. The best decision I had ever made, becuase I was connected to Zak. So thank you Universe and thank you to Zak, you're amazing!!

- Miss B, North West London



Never told a lie

- Shay, East London



It has been so good talking to him. Very accurate and precise. He puts you at ease from the very first moment. I have enjoyed his reading immensely. Thank you Zak.

- Ann, Australia


Another Amazing Reader to be added

Tuesday Reader, but this guy is fantastic and makes you feel at ease. His readings are so accurate without you having to ask questions. Spot on regarding the POI. Asked no questions whatsoever and he picked up. How I know he's accurate because the experience I have with the POI, only I know what was exchange and he read in as if he was there. Thank you so much for a great reading and putting me at ease. TP, I really hope you put this comment up for reviews. Another one of my go to readers to be added to my list.

- Chuck, London



Zak is everything all the reviews say about him which is all amazingly true. He really is a real Physic. Apart from the kind and caring voice he answer every question truthfully. His also very quick. I don't know how his so powerful but he truly is gifted by God. ?

- Kamari, Kent has



Was spot and fast. Great read!

- G, NA



I'm really am blown away, straight to the point, no waisting time, knew my situation perfectly and I didn't even give my name, thank you so much you really do have a genuine gift, I'll update you in a month :)

- Sheree, NSW, Australia



Fabulous no questions just straight in and do completely accurate

- ,


The real Deal

Zak is soooo quick in his readings. His predictions came to pass for me last year so I trust this updated reading. Thank you so much Zak, you read my poi like no other!! Your Amazing. Please call him, you will be amazed by his quick reading with not 1 question asked!! You deserve more than 5

- ,


Mind blown

Boom - picked up in the situation in the first minute and I didn't say a word. Zak actually enabled me to go to work with confidence and a smile on my face for the first time in weeks. Thank you Zak. I'll let you know how I get on after the times quoted have passed

- Tuesday morning caller, Norfolk


Seemed good

- ,


First Class reader

Very kind, a good listener, correct to the point. He does not sugar coat anything. One of the best in this site.

- Ash, London



Zak instantly got to the point and gave me clarity and hope

- Shalliah Sandiford, East London



I hope you know how special you are Zak. I was amazed at how fast we connected without any questions asked. You knew exactly the reason of my call with the poi person. Deep down I know everything will be ok but you clarified and confirmed my doubt and gave me all the insights so that I can find peace in this difficult process. Sometimes it's not the answer but guidance that we need to find the truth in the reading. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- M., US


One thousand

Thank you so much Zak, I will looking forward to a new journey ❤ thank you

- Lucy, Australia


Thank you

Hi Zak, the minutes ran out so quick and I didn't get to say thank you for being there and also your a fantastic reader, I am so sorry to get very emotional. You should be 10 stars not 5.

- Amreeta, Sydney


Spot On

Was spot on with my request. Confirmed my thoughts and feelings were on the right path.

- Helen, Australia


Very good

His reviews are on point. Zak is quick to tune in, polite and accurate. I was reading his reviews thinking that it was too good to be true. It's all true. Thanks Zak. Your gift has been helpful to me.

- Macy, Leeds


Thank you

Looking forward for my prediction to come through lovely speaking to you Zak god bless.

- Lorna, London


An amazing reader

Zak knows his stuff. He knows you and he knows what ever question you ask. He is also positive and gives fair and honest words but with care and love. I honestly believe he was meant to do this and was born to do this! Thank you Zak. Michelle I hope they publish this xx Your one of a kind. Xx

- Mich, London



All i said was can u give me a reading on a specific person .He knew this person ,s thoughts and gave me clarity on a merky situation I dud not give him any information he gave it all to me . He doesnt waste your money or time and is genuine unlike some of the others who sit and think for 15 mins . Thanks zac

- Melissa, WA


100% satisfied

Zak tunes in straight to the issue at hand without asking any questions very good in what he does and has very strong psychic abilities

- Phiwo, manchester UK


More counselling than a reading

Too generic, kept going off topic. Not for me.

- Jk, Wmids


His reading

Zac is 100percent on my complicated problem.Very direct and he didn't waste my time on on rubbish straight to the point. I know this lovely person is the real deal for l did have a bad experience once by a so called psychic money wise. I would have no trouble recommending Zac and l am GLAD that by accident l found him Sandra AUSTRALIA

- SANDRA, Queensland Australia


5 ⭐️

Zac is a genuine reader who will tell you all you need to know, with lots of detail. I have had a couple amazing readings and I am definitely coming back to him. 5 star ⭐️ reader I'm writing a review again as last one was not posted up.

- Donna, London


Really good

Very Detailed and straight away connection. No constant question which was refreshing. Tuned in very well. Defo be calling Zak again

- Lara, Scotland


Very good

Helpful and accurate

- Jai, West Midlands


Absolutely spot on

Zak is brilliant straight in to my situation no questions asked absolutely brillant

- Gill, Ireland


he's good

to the point, no questions was v specific for me.

- c, London


Fast and accurate

Didn't tell him anything and he went straight to the reason I called. Took exactly 3 minutes for him to tell me what I needed to know. No messing, no fishing for information. Very good and very accurate

- ,