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Tiome - 8157

With years of experience in the spiritual field and thousands of psychic readings that have helped my clients so far, I channel messages and give clear insight into any situation you want to inquire about. I connect to your energies and Source and provide intuitive messages and detailed information via cartomancy - my main tools are Tarot and Lenormand cards. I can also guide rituals for luck, love and energetic cleansing. You are always most cordially invited and welcome to reach out to me, as I truly believe that everything we discuss and all channelled messages come with their destined purpose to help you see the whole picture. PIN 8157

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Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I offer thorough readings on a wide range of topics, from love related questions to general life readings. My main tools are first and foremost my Intuition and my connection with Source, channelled through Tarot, Oracle and Lenormand Card Spreads.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

As a child I always felt I was different as I could clearly sense people's thoughts and how situations would develop in future. I was able to notice more details and various subtle energies in people and my surroundings and I have also always been fascinated by divination. A strong first example for me were my Grandmother and Mother who used to read beans and coffee grounds for people and provided accurate insights. I continued developing my skills with automatic writing and meditation for a while, in order to establish connection with Source and my Intuition. This was further expanded by my extensive studies and practice in Cartomancy, Paganism, Witchcraft and the Occult throughout the past few years.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I often combine my psychic skills with traditional spiritual practices from Paganism and Wicca, by incorporating those in the form of advice and recommendations along my card readings. Trust me, you own the Power of changing your Life for the better and You carry Magic within You that is able to manifest any outcome you desire. I am here to support and enable you to do this by lifting the veil of unclarity of the issue at hand and letting more Light come through.

What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

My callers can expect a friendly, nonjudgmental approach and a detailed insight into their particular situation. I use multiple card decks for cross reference in my readings, and my intuition suggests a unique card spread for each session. I pull more cards throughout the session as my intuition gives me a clear sign when there is more to be revealed. Alongside Cartomancy, I do, where appropriate, suggest ideas relayed to me via Source to achieve balance or have your desires heard and manifested.

Recent Reviews Of Tiome



He is an amazing psychic accurate good clear and informative. I love him and as a psychic medium my self I recommend him xx

- Louise, Nottingham


Incredible reader

A proper clairvoyant. Excellent reader

- Annie, Somerset


Thank you

He read my situation spot on, he consoled me and reassured me. Gave me great advice and dates when things will change. I cannot wait to come and update you. Please keep doing what you do Tiome. Thank you!

- M, Hampshire



Thank you for my reading, I really appreciate what you said, thank you, Claire

- Claire, Wales, UK



Tiome is an excellent reader. He is intelligent, measured, intuitive and delivers his reading in a very clear way. Picked up on my situation perfectly.

- Bob, Everywhere


Thank you

My dear Tiome I am so grateful for the reading alot resonated and we got cut off,I need to have another reading but I cant seem to find you available your busy, please please stay abit longer so I can find you, I cant wait to speak to you again,sending so much light and love for your wonderful presence and energy for supporting me.

- reham, london


Picks up on finer details

Tiome has surprised me with his accuracy on some fine details a few times. He is a genuine psychic and expressly polite. He connects so well and tunes in deeper to get answers.

- Kiren, London


Incredible ?✨

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️He is polite, kind, I got a real honest feeling from him. That allowed me to trust him and go in to the reading calm and with an open mind. He picked up on the reading I wanted, instantly picked up on how I'd been feeling and thoughts and drawbacks. Then channelled in to my person of interest and made some very strong predictions, I'm certain they're likely to happen as it fits in very well with the kind of personality my person is. Have a reading with Tiome if you get a chance, he is one of the best! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- YD, Um



I spoke to tiome and he put my mind at rest it's the second reading he's so accurate amazing will wait of time predictions to unfold I would highly reccomend

- Lesley, Gloucestershire


WOW now lets see

Had several Readings with Tiome.. all so far have happened now just waiting for the big one.. will update if it does happen .. thank you Tiome

- Dawn, Worcstershire


Excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tiome, is an excellent reader. He is polite,patient and stunningly accurate. He answered all my questions and gave very accurate insights, good advice,and timings.I higly ?recommend a reading⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Simone, London


Accurate comprehensive and compassionate

Wow! Felt like Tiome was reading my mind!! Described my situation so accurately and I didn't need to give details. He explained sensitively the issues I'd been experiencing and gave me insights into the reason why and how my situation has evolved. Predicted some contact in the future and I have confidence this will materialise. Tiome has a spiritual richness that most readers lack, deep, insightful and reassuring. Thank you Tiome I will contact you again in the new year! Outstanding reader xxx

- LL, Uk


amazing reader and soul

Tiome we got disconnected I do apologise, but honestly beautiful reading, completely resonated, you tapped into my energy and my SP energy too, I loved how you gave me your honest read, mentioned cards and explained everything, I will definitely be in touch again, I must say one of the most authentic thoughtful readers on here and it was pleasure talking to you. love, Reham

- reham, london



Thank you for the amazing reading, I appreciate you and loved the time we spent talking. I will call again to let you know in December/Jan how things have progressed with ( K ). Lots of love and light J x

- J, Uk


true psychic

I had several readings with Tiome, lot of insights and information flowing, full of wisdom and very spiritual. The most amazing thing he has picked up on the same past life with my POI as Andrea another gifted psychic, it is very unusual to have same past life relayed by diffrent pyschics, really profound :-) Much blessings, love and light xx

- A, UK


Brilliant thank you. Looking forward whats the outcome at work. Lucia

- ,



He picked up the situation so well and also how I was feeling. The way he reads is unique and quite interesting. He really provides a deep and spiritual reading. Thank you.

- Amy, Australia



great energy realy enjoyed reading and connection . my go to reader now ,feel more dettermined to follow my path and be fearless. . enjoyed the conversation as much as the reading i have a new best friend thankyou xxxx

- ,



They say never judge a book buy a cover and that's exactly how it is with this person I found him quite intriguing interesting deep and very much on the Honest side he has as told me a lot what of interesting things and now I'm looking forward 2 predictions unfolding so we'll be back with an update next month I have a feeling they are going to come true

- Heidi, Wales


Very good

In depth and straight to the point connects very well , 10/10 thank you

- Luci, Sheffield



Fab reader

- Charlotte, London


One of the best

Another in depth reading with much spiritual insights without being a lecturer and pproviding a lot of psychic insight exceptional reader nd very knd soulxx much love

- A, uk


Amazing ?

Spot on thank you for your accurate reading. You picked up on the situation I really hope what you predicted comes to pass. I believe in you and I will be back again for another amazing reading thank you again!!!

- Y, Manchester


Fantastic Reader - 10 ?

Fantastic Reader - quickly and accurately described current situation. Repeatedly provided answers to questions I hadn't gone round to asking. A very gifted reader. I am grateful I finally managed to speak with him. Thank you Tiome.

- SR, Hampshire


Not 100% sure

A bit arrogant for my liking and makes the caller feel they are to blame Does tune in but quite abrupt which I don't consider

- Nadine, England


thank you

Tiome, you put my mind at ease. I came with lot of agitation as I was in a very complex situation and going through a stressful time. You answered my question with empathy and gave me hope that my situation will improve and my marriage will have good times. you connected very quickly and thank you for making me smile

- ,



Thank you so much for all your help and all the information you gave me xx

- Emma, Scotland


Exceptional Reader

Really enjoyed the unique spiritual reading which had a lot of depth to it. No leading questions asked and a genuine desire to look into things till I felt satisfied. Helped me understand unresolved situations in a new light. A truly gifted and inspiring reader who really goes to the core to solve situations. Mind blowing and given clarity in the way not expected. Five star reading! Thank you

- UG, London


Amazing !

Amazing as always ! Thank you x x

- Han,


- Sally, UK


Tarot Reader Surprising

Blew my mind! Time you are the real deal what can I say? Be back very soon ! XXXX

- Carolina M, London



A gifted man thankyiu so much Tiome J from Midlands xx

- J, Midlands


Excellent reader!!

The man knows his stuff - I'd recommend him highly!!

- , London



Was so insightful, I came away feeling calmer and in control of my situation. He hit the nail on the head so many times with the reading. Highly recommend.

- Nikki, Australia


Amazing spot on

Got my situation spot on and I feel what he says is making sense. As he described all in alignment with the exact situation. I will let you know Tiome, because I have a strong feeling your predictions are unfolding the way you said. Especially as everything else is so right. Cheers.

- M, London



Oh what a lovely connected gentleman! You were awesome ! Thank you for being so honest and in tune for my reading ! Money well spent ! Picked up on everything ! Thank you so much Tiome your gifted and lovely !

- Hannah,


Beautiful and 8nsightful

Thank you for great insight .Beautiful Feeling very uplifted. Natalia London

- ,



very good got the situation, the outcome hasn't happened yet but he never gave a time on it, Many others have said similar things, can't believe they all can be wrong, x

- Margaret, East Anglia UK



Very nice man. Lots of information

- Sarah, London


Genuine reader

He got my situation spot on.He is a professional.I recommend him and I will also be calling him again.

- N, London



A genuine and gifted psychic. Incredibly insightful and goes into so much detail. Even details about a person's character and digs so deep into the psyche. Also gave some very good advice and I would go as far to say that he is a genius at what he does. He's changed my perspective on a few things and it's given me the boost that I very much needed. Thank you Tiome

- W, UK



He logged off half way through the reading!!!

- ,



Very good reader, picks up details. Thank you will be in touch Again.

- JC, UK


Beyoncé said girls run the world ahahah great laugh with this guy on the phone. Not to mention his prediction came true and he is very accurate. Thanks Tiome.

- ,


Fabulous reader, honest and direct man. Try him and you won't regret it.

- ,


Loved it

Wasn`t sure but held on and wow, loved the reading, did not tell anything.

- Tina, uk