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Yogi Magic - 7292

Hello and welcome! Call me for astrological insights from your natal chart, planetary aspects and houses, the nodes of the moon and current transits. I believe we are growing into more conscious, interdimensional beings at this interesting time on earth. I am a yoga and meditation teacher and have become familiar with the non-physical dimensions over years of dedicated practice. We are all connected! So, it feels natural that I feel kindness and compassion for all beings. I am calm and non-judgmental and a student of a wide range of spiritual philosophies. I’ll do my best to offer you a quality reading to reconnect you with your purpose on Earth and a broader, cosmic perspective. PIN 7292

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Your natal chart is the blueprint you chose when you incarnated on Earth. The energy in the heavens at the moment of our birth reflect our potentials for this lifetime. It shows us our ambitions for achievement and growth, our strengths and talents, but potential dysfunction as well. It shows us ways in which we get in our own way without realizing we are doing it. Forewarned is for-armed! We understand the template of this incarnation so we understand ourselves better, maximize the benefits of our strengths and talents AND become conscious of those unhelpful habits that hold us back. Know thyself. I am a student of a wide range of spiritual techniques and philosophy, including yoga and Vedic traditions, mudra, prana, ascension, consciousness, Buddhism, Greek and Roman mythology, angels and ascended masters. My early life was a scientist but now my heart tells me what is true.