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28 reviews

Sarah - 6261

I am a natural psychic medium who has worked professionally for over 25 years, spanning the UK and Internationally. I will read the tarot cards, crystal ball and connect on psychic links for you. My experiences have branched into psychology and parapsychology, as well as working and mentoring people who have wanted to further develop their interests and skills. I look forward to providing you with insight on love and relationships, your career, or just a general reading. PIN: 6261

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

Your reading with me is confidential and non-judgemental with a good listening ear. Your life situations will be treated with the utmost respect and empathy. My aim is to offer you insight and to look towards a positive view and clarity.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My speciality covers the many aspects of your life. No matter what you query is, be it love and relationships, career, family connections, or a general reading, I will uncover as many details as I can for you, to assist you through them.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

As a child, I remember watching spirits move around. Sometimes they were like people, sometimes just forms. I didn't know then what I was observing, and during the exploration of my spiritual development, which included the introduction to divination,was I able to fully understand what and who they were and was shown how to communicate with them all. My spiritual studies and development still continue.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I have been a member of a coven for many years, being guided through my own path with support and constant study. All my working life I have worked with people, constantly maintaining a high level of professionalism, and understanding the importance of continued study. This studying and the seeking of further knowledge has brought me into life/spirit mentoring and to further education, into the realms of Psychology and Parapsychology.

Recent Reviews Of Sarah


Absolutely on point each time

Sarah has been exceptional over the years. She had always been right and her timing is excellent, give it take a few days. Everything she predicted happened, her insight is lit if this world. She may be direct but she is kind and so on point. She delivers the truth she sees. Impeccable. I absolutely recommend her.

- G, Lincolnshire


Loved this reaing

This lady gave me a great reading, picked up on pretty much everything, She's very direct in the way she speaks and the things she says, but I like that. And isn't that why we call these lines.. If you want to be mollycoddled with your reading then don't have a reading with this lady, but if you want it straight then she's your reader. Thank you Sarah, great reading with you

- M, UK


Free Will

Free will argument and no timing.

- Stacy, Anon



Very vague. No detail and no help. Tried to leave review several times before but to no avail. Could u please publish this time.

- Robbie, The south west


Thank you

Thankyou so much.sarah what a lovely lady . She gave me great guidance to move forward and make my important decisions in the future She recognised the situation and issues concerning my spiritual journey . I hope to talk to you again soon Sarah Love and Blessings xx???

- Emily, Englamd


Great Reading

Thank you so much Sarah, a very good reading, picked up on my situation really quickly. Lovely to chat too. I will definitely let you know how how things go and promise to keep with my spiritual journey. Thank you to Harry ???. Love and light T x

- Lovely lady, Essex


Not quite there

Too vague. No where near enough sufficient specifics,

- Connor, The mid lands




- Cath, Jersey


Spiritual Connection

Excellent reading, works brilliantly with spirit guides. Definitely a higher vibration and frequency reader. Sarah is also very angelic. You come away feeling uplifted and filled with light, also very accurate. I will call her again.

- tracey, uk


Lovely reading

Lovely reading with Sarah. She is warm hearted and gave me a lot of information quickly which was very apt. I'm looking forward to speaking with her again.

- Zoe, London


5 stars

Had a reading with Sarah was absolutely brilliant really down to earth reader she's friendly and her predictions have come true would highly recommend to give her a call

- Leesz, North West



She was ok , bit contradicting which was confusing. I think if she focus more on her intuition than her cards would help.

- Parminder, London



Thank you Sarah for today's lovely reading as a professional reader of 27 years I know a very good reader when I here it. Fab connection with me very quick to get her messages accross. We talked about all subjects I even topped up my minutes! thank you Juliet MOORE P.s I will be back again love n light to you x

- Juliet moore, Surrey


Absolutely Amazing

Sarah your the best thank you so much for an amazing reading will call back for an update. Mae 23/09/2022 X

- ,



- Mr z, Upton



Excellent reading

- Helen, North Yorkshire


Needed prompting,

Gave little away, vague ,

- Lucy SS, London



Good reading she picked up without me telling her anything… will be back and hopefully predictions come to pass.

- Colleen, Uk



- Suzie, Leeds



Sarah is an amazing reader. I highly recommend you give her a call.

- Vicki, Sydney, Australia


Amazing psychic

I had a reading with this lady last November, I was put through at random but she was so good that I wrote down her PIN number and looked up her picture so I wouldn't forget about her. I did not see her online again for months after but was delighted to get through again this week. She instantly picked up the situation and gave me accurate predictions which I feel will come to pass - no fairytale nonsense and warned me of the future to come with the pulling back off my POI once he opens up. I feel did not tell me what I wanted to hear. She clearly is a genuine psychic as as I've mentioned I have looked for her ever since.

- R, NI



- ,



Just had reading with Sarah amazing picked up on everything that's going on in my life at the moment give her a try she really good thank you Sarah Please print xx

- Debs, Scotland


Amazing reading, picked up on a situation that I was very worried about. Hopefully it will pan out how suggested. Very good reader

- Hayley, West Yorkshire


Good reading

Sorry we got cut off! This reader is very accurate & picked up on situation. Thank you for positivity & understanding.

- ,



She's good but just a lot of talking and going round the houses and quite unclear but she's picking up on the situation but could be made a lot simpler ! Lovely lady ! X

- H,


Fabulous reader

I felt that this reader is very talented and well gifted as I am a spiritual lady myself. I only asked one question. She answered the question in intricate detail. She went above and beyond. She does not sugar coat anything says it how things are. Direct. I was planning to spend 20 minutes on the call. I really enjoyed speaking to her. I ended up spending a full 1hr 30mins. I will surely return. Kind regards and Many Thanks.

- Miss Palmer, West Midlands, UK


Beautiful, accurate, authentic and insightful reader

Thank you so much for our (very long) conversation today. Your insights are so powerful and I love your honesty is saying that timing is not your forte instead of guessing...You are an amazing reader and you picked up everything about my current situation and the future sounds totally right and exciting. Many blessings to you

- Steph, London - UK