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13 reviews

Ed - 4207

Hi, my name is Ed, and I have been reading Tarot for over twenty years. My readings are highly influenced by the flow of psychic energy that we create at the moment. The deeper the connection we have invited, the more profound the reading. I work mostly through intuition and empathy. I have been reunited with guides from my childhood. I think more of them as guardians, but they do guide my readings. PIN: 4207

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

It is imperative to me that we have a genuine connection, and I will truly understand if you, as the caller, choose to end a call if you don’t feel in tune with me. I offer a truthful reading. I won’t try to tell you what I think you want to hear. This is very important to me as I believe it will bring me bad karma if I am dishonest. Because of my years as a counsellor, I have a significant amount of knowledge regarding the Human Condition, which often brings deeper insights into our reading. As for my Guardians? They guide me when reading, but only when it is essential. We are still working on our relationship because of the years we spent out of touch. They forgive me for forgetting them….but we are getting to know each other again. These things take time.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

As a child, I would have visions and be intensely sensitive to other people's energies. So much so that I would hide for hours in confined spaces, intuitively seeking sensory deprivation. Nobody in my life understood what I was experiencing, and, as you can imagine, I became very isolated and withdrawn. Over the years, my guardians protected me and guided people into my life that understood and nurtured me when I needed it the most. From a young age, I became a child carer for a parent with a severe mental health condition. Out of all the other family members, I was the only one who could support them when they experienced their worst episodes. This ability continued to develop as I grew older, and people with issues were drawn to me and me to them. This then influenced my career choices, and I naturally pursued training as a counsellor. I spent many years as a youth worker. I then found a great passion for working with troubled families as a facilitator of parenting strategies. Eventually, I pursued further training in Gestalt therapies. Unfortunately, as I began reconnecting with my guardians, my therapy sessions overwhelmed me. At first, I was confused and upset, but through the help of a spiritual healer (brought to me by my guardians), I discovered that I was experiencing sensory overload. I was receiving visions from my clients and could feel everything they felt and flashes of their thoughts simultaneously. Because of this, I had to stop seeing all but a few clients and have pursued training to learn how to control these gifts. I practice daily meditations and yoga to centre myself before each reading and continue to seek training with shamanic guides and psychics that my guardians led me to.

Recent Reviews Of Ed


Psychic reading

I received a psychic reading from Ed and 1 of the 2 prediction dates he provided me with was accurate so I will speak to him again.

- Anonymous, Huddersfield



Surprised at such mixed reviews. A kind, sensitive person with empathy and deep understanding. Calm, reassuring and wise. Life experience comes through clearly. His readings are uplifting. Valued asset to the PL.

- Sarah, Yorkshire



If , but okey That's not reading And too slow

- Rl, Ik


Insightful reading

Very insightful reading. Thank you. Highly recommend Ed to others. 5 stars

- Rain, London



Ed's reading resonated with me, especially to do with my work and learning, plus shed some light on a complex situation. Ed has a nice manner to him. The reading eased my mind.

- S, Cheshire



Ed has such a lovely delivery ,he connected to the person in question I will return with an update once the predictions come to fruition . I recommend Ed as a good reader Thank you Helena

- Helena, North East UK


Various issues

Very good I must say. Answered all my questions very calmly and everything he said was true and correct. Very Physic and answered all my questions in 15mins. Very please thank you will be back again definitely in line with top readers

- Kamari, Bromley


Very good but slow with commentary.

Ed is very good but he is super slow and wastes a lot of time talking about what he's doing or going to say than just saying it. If he can focus on the reading and give the essence of it he would be very good indeed.

- J, London


Incredible Reader! Top Reader! Fantastic

He is brilliant connects really well Has great talent and skills Gave loads of good validations and encouragement Has good sense of humour Superb reader! Highly Recommended!

- Pranav, Midlands


Friends situation

Thanks Ed. Lovely calming way asking about friends and poi. Feel reassured. To protect my energy and to step back so they can learn lessons. Definitely a reader I'll call back. Thank You.

- Clare, Merseyside


Good reaading

Although Ed sounds vague and doesnt say a lot he is very accurate and gives a different aspect to a situation thaat is quite perceptive. Worth trying for puzzling situation

- UK, UK


Seems genuine

Not sure will wait for outcome . Nice guy to talk to

- Nic, Uk


A quality professional

Ed is a realistic person with vast experience in the ways of human psyche. This ability used very professionally to show the way forward, and give hope and peace of mind. No 'hocus hocus' but sterling and meaningful help for those in need of an expert. He shows kindness and empathy, has a healing voice and is non-judgemental. This reader is serious and effective, a very welcome addition to the Psychic Line.

- S and B, North Yorkshire