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51 reviews

Lisa - 1215

I am an experienced clairvoyant clairaudience, tarot & angel card psychic reader with over 20 years’ worth of experience reading for people from all walks of life. I can assist with love and relationships, career and family issues. I can also do general readings and readings on specific things important to you. I am a non-judgemental person and I never judge on a customer’s situation, I am just here to advise on what the universe is telling me. PIN: 1215

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Recent Reviews Of Lisa


Absolutely wonderful and accurate

I called the line feeling really low and I got connected to Lisa. She immediately picked up on my energies and situations. She was accurate about my relationships, work and even my past situations. She was very empathetic and I felt like I was speaking to a friend and not a psychic! After a hours reading, I hung up, full of hope and assurance for the future. Thanks Lisa for a fantastic reading. I hope you get to see this review 😊😊😊😊

- Ruth, Leeds


Indigo Sky

Lisa, Thank you for the reading. The call was not a coincidence, your voice healed me and your reading really helped me to feel Lighter. You really encouraged me to move forward. I am eternally grateful. With so much love 💚💚💚

- Ash, London



Absolutely brilliant, picked up on my Grandad & his name , 100% accurate with information. Best reader / energy reader . Thanks so much

- Kylie, Cheshire



- Emma, Kent



Nail on the head on every subject - absolutely brilliant.

- K, Midlands


special lady

just fab, will be back to update on predictions. accurate, patient and professional. thank you!

- A, Madrid



waste time flipping through cards, gives no specifics and no timelines. She keeps her reading just general enough that it could apply to any situation. I'd like you to post this.

- Anonymous, ost


10 Star

Told her I didn't have many minutes and she dived straight in within no questions asked. Lisa told me all I needed to know in the little time we had, she actually told more than what I thought she needed. Exceptional gift and will be calling back to speak to her once I'm able to top up my minutes

- Amazing, West Midlands



Lisa was spot on, picked up on studying, music, time line with poi, so will see what happens

- Pearl, oxford



Lisa picked up my studying, love of music, she is very accurate and made me laugh, what more could you want

- Pearl, Reading


Lisa 1215

Always great speaking with Lisa . Thankyou March 2023

- S, Uk


Fantastic Reader

Lisa picks up on the situation and subtle energy shifts very accurately. I've had a few readings from Lisa and each time she is spot on. Such a lovely, compassionate person. I recommend this reader with no hesitations.

- P, Uk


Incredibly Gifted

Dived straight in, no cards, no shuffling or say stop. Described my situation and answered burning questions within first five mins without me having to ask them. She eventually did use the cards but was honest in saying “I'm not getting the answer to that question from clairvoyance, so I'll check the cards.” She described my physical appearance in the reading and nationality to a tee but thought she was picking up on someone else in my ex's life. She then thought maybe it was me. She's is truly gifted. Said I'll hear from my POI anytime now to 6 days or 6 weeks as she got a 6. I hope to update if predicted contact happens. Even if it doesn't, the reading was worth every penny / cent. Very highly recommended. Strong psychic ❤️❤️❤️

- Carol, Sydney


What can I say! Amazing

Lisa is a fantastic reader definently one of my favourites on this site please people give her a phone as u definently wnt be disappointed goes very deep into reading

- Lorraine, Scotland


Not good

Only talking about the past , if I didn't feed her information wouldn't give me reading for the now and future and she hung up

- Y, U


You've settled my mined

Thank you so much Lisa. The phone got cut off. I am truly grateful for your reading today. I needed to understand and and you gave me clarity. Thank you so much xxx

- jennifer Paterson, Eastbourne



Lisa is a nice lady to talk to . She gave details that were specific . She is a good reader. Thanks Lisa .

- S, uk



wow Lisa is absolutely amazing... she picked up the situation straight away and gives in depth information. She is a reader that everyone should have a reading with... thank you Lisa I will definitely be back

- Rosa, Australia


My review of Lisa

Lisa is a lovely, true and amazing reader. Extremely gifted, kind, empathatic and speaks from the heart. I called today with a serious concern a she totally put my mind at rest. I would definitely call again. I feel she is a true friend and has rare qualities.

- Marion, Southampton



Lisa is a great. Her readings come to a light. She is honest and very professional. Number 1 on this side. Thank you so much for everything Lisa . Will be back definetly

- Dorota, London


Lisa Review 1215

I had a reading with Lisa in April 2022. I thought she was excellent.

- ,


Very good.

I will definitely come back to her. She is excellent.

- ,


Spot on

Gifted reader

- A, A


Talented psychic reader

My first reading with Lisa and she was consistent with others on this site that I have found to be authentic and accurate. Lisa is using her psychic gift to deliver answers. I would call her again without hesitation. She picked up my characteristics with impressive clarity and doesn't ramble on with nonsense. Thank you Lisa.

- , London


Great reading

On point honest.reading.Very accurate no sugar coatings Really enjoyed the reading went straight to the people and problems no hesitation.Would have another reading with her and I would recommend her .Made my day.

- Denise Utting, Cornwall


A bit fuzzy

Lisa can pick some things up but could not give any clarity and it was a bit like pulling blood from a stone. There were a few things regarding work which could have applied to anybody. I will upgrade to more stars if what she has said unfolds.

- S, Uk



Lisa read for me and everything she was absolutely accurate. I was planning on going on a date and she described how the scene would play out and the way I would be looking on that day. Everything happened the way she said and looking back I am quite shocked. She is a great reader and one of the best on this site

- A, London


Relationship reading

fabulous reading 100% accurate.Picked up on my situation very well and described people a tee.Will definitely be in touch again.God bless and love.

- Irene, Jedburgh



Thanks Lisa. Spot on very detailed doesn't ask questions. Will definitely be back for updates.

- A, Yorks


Love Reading

I felt very low before I had the reading but lisa gave me the clarification I needed. She was spot on with everything she said. What an amazing, gifted, talented reader. Many thanks xxx

- Joe, Midlands


Exceptional reading

I instantly connected with Lisa, very pleasant and competent reader. Straight to the point, didn't play for time. She was so accurate and informative, will definitely come back.

- Phill, London


Highly recommend! x

Lisa is one of my favourite readers to go to and she connects rather quickly to my situations. She doesn't sugar coat but she's gentle in her approach to relaying information from spirit. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants an insightful reading. Thank you Lisa! X

- Renee, UK


On the money

After having a ton of people who can't read the cards let alone a situation I stumbled upon this lady! Instantly hit the nail in the first 3 mins, it was like she has been riding this emotional wave with me. She don't drag out for time she just said what she was seeing. Tuned in to both parties and explained it as was. Will defo get another reading from Lisa soon…. Ty babe

- C, Wales


Really good

Lisa is amazing. Very insightful, gave a lot of validations concerning people around me. Opened my mind to new possibilities awaiting me. She gave me a lot of information that was really helpful. Thanks Lisa, will call back soon. xxx

- Ann, Scotland



Lisa is a gifted reader with calming personality. Information was flying with no stopping without any prompting question in between. Very confident reader and with a very big heart. She even shed a tear with me during the reading. She is a lightworker and an angel.

- Ash, London



Lisa was very direct. Did not mince her words. Picked up on characteristics and the situation around me. Great reading. Thank you

- V, London


really excellent insightful reading

Really intune reading through messenger. picked up so much about my person of interest and complexity of the situation and some very specific details. I would very much recommend Lisa for a reading.

- Victoria, London



Had my first reading with Lisa today. So sorry we got cut off. Lisa is amazing she is on point with everything and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. At last I have found a great reader on here. Emma xx

- Emma, Aberdeen



My friend had a reading with Lisa earlier today and recommended her to me. I was feeling really down and Lisa answered everything I asked and gave me a lot more information too. I thoroughly recommend her. Xx

- Lucy, Aberdeen



You have some new projects. I have no time-line.

- Anon, England



Dived straight in and wasted no time. She is really really really great! Give her a try.

- ,


Fab Reader

Lisa is the real deal, a true psychic tarot reader. Picked up on my situation with no prompting. Has very good insight, and a great connection with tarot cards.

- , Uk


Great and Accurate

I agree with the others that Lisa is a great and accurate reader. Thanks. You are a GEM!

- YVette, Sydney AUS


Awesome and caring

Lisa is lovely she was kind and understanding. She didnt ask me any questions but told me lots of stuff. I asked about a few people and she described them down to a tea. Thank you Lisa, I am hoping your predictions will come true as my mother needs to live in peace. I am grateful for all your guidance and support. GOD BLESS YOU! You are a true psychic!

- Therese, Australia



picked up on love life very good! work got some stuff bang on! altogether very good -worth the money spent!



Wow ❤️‍

Lisa you are so on point and accurate ❤️❤️❤️ I can not believe u pick up on my situation and certain questions I did not ask but you just came out and said it. Eg: the leg and friend. U are one true psychic ❤️

- Maz, Australia


Great reader

Got the situation straight away no prompting or questions. Gave good guidance. Had good insight

- Jasmine, UK


Very Accurate and One of the top read I had

I have this intuition about a specific situation and Lisa completely confirmed it to me as it is. She does not convey messages what suits the situation, what would make you happy. She delivers the truth.. Highly recommended. If you want to hear the truth please call this lady.

- A, London



Spot on. Really good and clear. Lovely lady

- Deb, Uk



Extremely good very accurate

- Mark, Yorkshire


Very good

very good reading spot on with situation 5 stars

- Teresa, North LONDON