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Trusted Psychics Reader: Lion Satori (Lion Satori)
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If I knew it was going to be this hard to get through I would have kept him on the phone until now lol.

Ann From London On 01/04/2023


I am really unsure on this reader. I've 3 readings from Lion over the course of 6 weeks and each reading has been almost the same word for word with same timeframes given (within a week).

AD From England On 31/03/2023

Genuine - No questions asked 100%

How does he know all this. Unbelievable- wow. What a beautiful soul.

Miss Joyce From Croydon On 28/03/2023

Very nice and kind Man

He explained very good and gentle i think he know exactly what he talking about I’m waiting everything’s he said is come true will looking to talk to him again , thank you

An From Usa On 15/03/2023

Extraordinary ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I didn’t even know he was online if chosen to speak to another highly rated reader but suddenly they connected me to L Satori, what a lovely guy and sooo on point. He told me about past connection moving forward and a new strong connection coming in soon- he said I’d have a tough decision to make and we discussed the choices and intentions… Is hard to imagine another connection as what Iv felt for the last connection let alone this person becoming more what Iv wanted and changing to show me what we could be, he seems so reluctant to change… but look said “you doubt what I’m saying because he hasn’t opened and shown you he’s true self” id never even consider to tell him I doubted him but it was interesting that he picked up on it… he also said saberla words in which my old connection describes me- he said “he thinks this and that of you” I was spooked by the accuracy in the words. Lion Satori is the real deal, he is so lovely to speak to, he is very quick with his reading and won’t waste your time and money, every question Iv asked he’s responded to very quickly or he’d say “hold on let’s see..” and follows it with an answer… I can not rave enough about him. He is THE perfect reader. Amazing man, wonderful ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Yd From Uk On 15/03/2023


Just had a reading with lion omg is all I can say amazing picked up on few things going on in my life at the moment can’t wait for predictions to happen xx thanks lion x give him try he is amazing xx please print

Debs From Scotland On 27/02/2023

Astonishing !

This lovely gentleman delivers info with astonishing ease. He is without doubt the real deal that all clients are hoping for with a psychic reading. My 2nd reading with him and he was so consistent with info that had been delivered 1st time. What a wonderful gift he has as well as a calm, kind vibe. Thank you Lion for your insights. You are quite unique.

J From London On 23/02/2023


This gentleman is a talented psychic that gets to the hub of the matter within ourselves and around us. Thank you for being so patient with a stubborn person like me in providing me clarity and gentle coaxing to see things from a different perspective. I am grateful for the insights from your readings.

Carol From Australia On 15/02/2023


Lion is seriously amazing. he was able to provide so much detailed information as well as provide a comfort to the reading he was giving. I will definitely be back after some developments

GK From UK On 26/01/2023

Prediction came to pass

Lion predicted my husband and I will patch up and I will be contacted on a specific date and that is exactly what happened. I haven’t known any psychics here who have been spot on with dates, this is quite impressive. There were other details that he given which were quite accurate. He had made some predictions for March, will update if these also come to pass. He is a genuine psychic no question about that.

Kira From London On 23/01/2023


I hope you read this…you were absolutely correct with everything you said..correct timings correct situations that would occur and how they would occur..I spoke to you 3x times as everytime you were correct and the third time I spoke to you you told me everything that has started to play out exactly how you said!!!! Absolutely amazing you’re the best!!!

Kez From Birmingham On 21/01/2023



L From SCOTLAND On 03/01/2023


Very gifted and special. Thank you for your help

Guylene From London On 01/01/2023


An absolute amazing and very naturally gifted. Picked up on everything straight away. No messing around gets straight to the point and goes into amazing detail about everything he picked up on. And what I loved the most is he doesn’t sugar coat anything which is exactly what I want in a reader. By far one of the best readers on here. 100% recommended him, I promise you won’t be disappointed. I will most definitely be calling him back for another reading and to let him know how his predictions came true. I have every faith and believe that they will. Thank you so much for an amazing reading.

Sara From Barnsley On 31/12/2022

Just so authentic ….

This gentleman delivers with astonishing accuracy and effortless insight. He could read me and my POI with incredible ease. Thank you Lion Satori, what a gift.

J From London On 27/12/2022

Beautiful reading

True psychic and beautiful reader

Charlotte From London On 27/12/2022

Read me like a book - Wow


Ann From London On 11/12/2022

5* Brilliant

I just love this guys energy. He is calm and quietly confident. Absolutely bloody fabulous. I booked twice and never got the opportunity to say good bye. I will definitely 100% be back. ThankQ Lion Satori.

AnnMarie From London On 29/11/2022

Very good reader

Spot on with the reading , he got everything so accurate, very positive energy , best reader on here

Nicki From London On 28/11/2022

5*+ If you see him free grab him

No questions asked. I had a reading with him and what he said came to pass. I've just had my 2nd reading with him and he told me the same thing as in the 1st reading and more. Defo my number 1. My cup overflows. WOW and i'm full of energy.

AnnMarie From London On 12/11/2022

Very good

Spot on

andt From London On 12/11/2022

Brilliant reader

Really connected was really happy with my reading

Phee From Uk On 11/11/2022


Got my situation straight away without me saying anything - a lovely soul will call again to update. Bless you

Mary From York On 08/11/2022

All the stars in the Universe to you. He just knows. This gentleman is a gift. What you said to me I understand and know. Oh my god thank you Lion Satori

Giulie From On 31/10/2022

Thumbs up

He connects very well with me it doesn't matter even if I give him my other name on the next reading he still picks up everything that's going on around me and what's coming, very polite and compationate .pls admin post this its only fair

Phiwo From Manchester Uk On 25/10/2022

The friend I didn’t know I needed

I speak to lion about everything he’s never wrong

Shay From East London On 24/10/2022

Amazing connection

Satori is a true psychic connected to the person and situation straight away Everything he said was spot on and his prediction will come to fruition even though I have some time to waite for it I know it will happen Thank you for your guidance and giving me the assuring and positive reading God bless Helena 21/10/22

Helena From North East uk On 21/10/2022

Effie says he is an awesome reader

This guy is a genuine reader & I asked a question and he answered and was correct. I really enjoyed my time on the phone with him. Thanks so much from Australia. God Bless. Inshallah Namaste

From On 26/09/2022

Lovely man!

From On 06/09/2022

Very long winded.

I have spoken to this man half a dozen times and gave me a lot of hope. Only this morning hes changed hos story and given me a load of old crap. Very dissappointed espevially when he has told me whats going to happen lost all faith and trust in this reader

Gel From Essex On 03/09/2022

Great reading

Was able to pick up situations very quickly, gave the truth

Srey From Boston On 11/08/2022

Highly Recommended

Had a short reading which picked up underlying issues I had with someone at work. Powerful advice and connected quickly.

UG From London On 26/07/2022

Good reading

A little slow to type but picked up on a situation immediately. Calm and no sugar coating to keep my attention. Confirmed my intuition and believe about my POI, with no questions, so I’m happy. Thanks

Sarah From Hull On 17/07/2022

Clear and to the point

I had a great reading with Lion Satori, who was able to see my situation and path ahead clearly. He put me at ease, while also advised me prepare for a busy period ahead with work. Thank you Lion Satori

Neil From London On 08/07/2022

Fantastic Reader

Absolutely lovely gentleman. Tunes straight in and can easily move between a variety of people and situations to give clarification. lovely energy.

Victoria From Earth On 23/06/2022


Said a couple of things that could be valid but alittle on the generic side.

Lee From U.K. On 11/06/2022


Lion Satori is an excellent, brilliant reader, he picked up on my situation immediately without asking questions . Am definitely will be calling him again his the bees knees. Guy give him a try you won't be disappointed. Thank you for an honest and accurate reading. Mae.

From On 12/05/2022


Thankyou excelant reading

avril From uk On 25/04/2022

Recommended +++++

I think he tunes in really well and I’m very impressed. Excellent reader. Very nice and polite also.

Anon From Australia On 23/04/2022

So good

Lovely lovely patient reader, put my mind and heart at ease, was tuned in and present with each question I brought. Will be back with updates. Bless up brother x

A From SA On 16/04/2022

Very good psychic

I've been using trusted psychic for 10 years. I've seen plenty come and go. He is the best!

Jasmine From Wisconsin On 31/03/2022

Super connection!

Hi Lion Satori, sorry we got cut off... Thank you again for the reading - very reassuring... I will keep you updated on the boat.. x Great reader with super connection - knows some very detailed things accurately. Highly recommended.

Annette From Bahamas On 20/03/2022


Picked up on my current situation. No questions asked. Thank you so much you have made my day. Xx

From On 12/03/2022

Very good reader

Tunes in quickly, a lot of accuracy. A little slow. Though a very good reader.

Sagittarius From Melbourne On 01/03/2022

Absolutely Brilliant

When I was losing hope, you guided me to the light everything we have ever spoken about has come true and you can feel my anxiety, when I get stressed and you have build my confidence, thanks I love having a reading from you once a week when I need the pick me up x

Roops Sandhu From United Kingdom’ On 01/03/2022

Amazing real psychics!

Thank you so much for ur reading l had 2x reading with you but always u was spot on! well connected with me Really recommend this gentleman!! Love&light Nikola xx

Nikola From uk On 19/02/2022

Not sure

Takes ages to type and asks leading q.s.

Anon From England On 18/02/2022

Good, but tries to waste time

Polite and friendly. Definitely gifted. However, he asked me several times about my feelings towards the POI and what had happened in the past. Completely irrelevant to what I’d asked and was an attempt to stretch out the reading. I’m a very regular caller and I know how it works. Shame because it put me off him.

S M From UK On 14/02/2022

Very Good

Thank you for the reading. You were accurate with what you picked up.

Mary From Leeds On 14/02/2022

Spot on

An excellent reading he is genuine and a natural reader of the cards Spot on with all he said just need to see the prediction come to fruition Apologies for being cut off but thank you for your guidance and direction tonight God Bless 10/02/2022

Helena From North East UK On 10/02/2022

Hi Lion I'm so sorry, I got cut off from you. In the 5 mins reading that I had from this gentleman, he was really accurate and lovely to speak to. I would have topped up but unfortunately was on my way to work. Thank you

Carrie From Kent On 06/02/2022


Wow, just wow. This guy is AMAZING. I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing. He gave me a such a positive reading. Gave me some really big bold predictions. I hope you god they come true. Lion satori delivered my reading with such great insight and compassion. You could tell he was a genuine pro. I hope to be back very soon to report your predictions have come to light. Thank you for everything!

Leighton From Brighton On 06/02/2022

Good reader

Calm, and informative, good reader, and would recommend !

Kate From London On 03/02/2022


I had such a positive reading with Lion Satori today. I asked for a general reading and he picked up on the key areas I have been thinking about. The reading has motivated me and got me thinking about what I need to do this year. Thank you so much for you help

Emmanuella From UK On 03/02/2022

Accurate validations

He’s very helpful and patient and got the POI description accurately. Highly recommend

Anon From London On 02/02/2022

Tunes in

Tunes in well - needs to see how things pan out after this reading - thank you

L From Uk On 21/01/2022


Nice manner was very helpful and to the point . He focussed on the cards

Lucy From London On 21/01/2022

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I am a psychic tarot reader with nearly 20 years of experience. I have had prophetic dreams since I was a little girl and often can see them in the near future via meditation. I am incredibly compassionate and non-judgmental, with an array of personal life experiences that I can use and my abilities to assist you in navigating daily trials and tribulations. PIN: 1834

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I'm Montana, and I can give you a caring and understanding reading with my natural gift of Clairsentient ability. I specialise in love and relationships, and together with my Tarot cards and Angel cards, I would love to show you clarity in that sometimes sea of fog. It has been my greatest pleasure to help people find their way through this journey, and I have served our local church and done private readings. PIN: 3398

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I have over twenty years experience as a Tarot card reader,both over the phone and on a face to face level. When you contact me for a reading you can be assured that I will find all the aspects of the situation that is going on around you.I can focus on past influences,the dilemma that is challenging you at the present,and a way forward that provides a long lasting positive final outcome. PIN: 1387

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Hello I am Liz. I work with a higher intelligence to bring you positive and clarity filled readings. I work in a natural and open way to bring you the very best readings. I have been reading tarot for 20 years and have grown considerably. Spirit is always around me allowing me to provide you with a detailed reading. PIN: 2602

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I've been working with my spirit guide for over ten years. I use my clients' frequency and spiritual energy to provide a fulfilling reading and will assist in relaxing and calming my clients. Over these years, I've enjoyed the smile and happiness that my clients have experienced after my reading. I am confident that after my reading, you will feel the same way too. PIN: 5242

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Hello I'm Julie a Spiritualist Medium that can connect to your past loved ones. I am a very spiritual person and I can assist you in many different areas of your life. I am calming, loyal and I always put 110% effort into every single reading. I am so passionate about reading for people and I am here waiting to give you a personal reading today. PIN: 2582

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