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Trusted Psychics Reader: Gemma Rose (Gemma Rose)
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From On 29/08/2021


She described my situation very well time will only tell about the predictions. Fingers crossed ☺

Jasmin From West Midlands On 01/08/2021


Just felt like an endless monologue with no space given to interrupt. When I did challenge something she mentioned - she just said “Well I’m not going to get into that” Wow - how insensitive. Too sure of her herself by far - without offering validation.

James From Lindin On 01/08/2021

You were right he did pull out at last minute and we are buying together thank you

Julie From Norfolk On 05/07/2021


Nice lady. Friendly. A little bit of waffle though and the predictions a little bit obscure.

Jon From Leeds On 04/07/2021


She ix brilliant

Mac From London On 18/06/2021


Really don’t understand the negative reviews. I found my reading to be compassionate and clear. Picked up on a situation I’m facing without any information from me. No sugar coating or exaggeration. Thanks very much

Sarah From Oxford On 13/06/2021

Very good

I do not understand the negative comments about this lady. I have had a few readings with her recently and she connected with me very well each time. She was spot on with everything going around me and made predictions that have materialised over time. 5 stars from me.

Teresa From london On 23/05/2021

Thank you for a fantastic reading today and reassuring me that everything will be ok will be phoning again 29/3/21

Susan From On 29/03/2021


Had second reading because I thought first one was good. In the first reading she told me that he loved me and was in complete denial. In this reading she told me that feelings didn't even come into it and he didn't know what he wanted as we only spoke on the phone so how could feelings come into it??? WTF! I'm so confused. The tv was on loud in the background which is so distracting and rude. What a complete opposite to last reading. But TP won't post this because they refuse to be even handed with their reviews.

Jo From Aust On 23/07/2020

Lovely detailed readings on work love and x

Thank you for our long chat again hopeful moving forward with new career. Work opportunities coming up .. maybe new love unrest in August and September x getting back in touch and finally sorting the x our so much going forward and going on hoilday with my two buddies from work . Things finally turning the corner for me hopefully I be able to feel more settled and know what I want if and when he gets in touch in August I update when these things happen highly recommend Gemma was drawn to het xx

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 16/07/2020

tv on in background

I understand some background noise is inevitable, such as unexpected visitor or something that cant be helped. But having the tv on in the background is taking the mickey to be honest, I couldnt really enjoy/ relax the reading while it was on.

anonymous From On 06/07/2020


Didn't seem interested or wanted to read for me . I hung up.

Anonymous From NI On 30/05/2020

Always consistent

Had several readings over the years with gemma always picks up on my situation and find her her reassuring.

Alistair From Cardiff On 23/05/2020

Thank You

A wonderful, honest and consistent reader, whose over years has provided me with the insight that I needed to navigate some challenging situations with predictions coming true. Thank you Gemma Rose, blessings

Eve From UK On 12/03/2020

Great Lady

Gemma was kind & understanding. She told me just what I needed to hear. Thank you so much ma'am. God Bless you xx <3 <3 <3

AJ From Stockport On 28/01/2020

Love and work

Thank you for the honest reading I wait and see what happens and looking forward to a new job at least that’s postive for me . Disspointed that my love life is a car crash once again . But do like the honesty of the reading

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 08/01/2020

Trusted Guidance

Your predictions and guidance have been spot on over the years. The clarity and integrity that Gemma gives through her readings has helped throughout the years in making choices that supports me positively even during challenging times. She is a true psychic and honest reader who is consistent in her reading/messages. I can't thank you enough but you know what i mean to say

Evelyn From UK On 21/11/2019

Awesome Reader

Gemma works methodically to catch every detail of a future event and her details prove to be accurate each time. I have had several readings from Gemma and see her as a reliable consistent reader.

Kay From Melbourne On 08/11/2019


Gemma is a liveky compassionate reader very accurate thank you x

Shirley From Liverpool On 07/11/2019

Accurate read of current situation

The read of the current situation was excellent, but there was no indication or prediction as to how it is goignto develop which was what I was hoping to find out..

Libran From Aus On 04/08/2019


Gemma was able to tune into me and was able to provide answers to all my questions. I was amazed on how she was able to pick up my energy and emotions so quickly. She was also honest.

Emmanuella From London On 01/08/2019


Thank you so much for the clarity on this situation, I feel much better. You also know everything without me saying a word. The real deal and one of the best for me

From On 24/03/2019

Knows exactly what is going on

Very good at tuning in and knowing exactly what is going on without you giving anything away. Prediction has not come through, maybe the timing was off but she knew the situation exactly and I like that she does not use cards.

A From UK On 17/03/2019

Thank you

You picked up on the situation so well. A great help.

Ali From On 03/05/2018

Spot on

Lovely reader. Picked up on everything straight away. Thank you x

Kerry From Cardiff On 21/04/2018

quick attunement

hi gemma. after only 4 minutes of our phone call connection, my mobile phone decided to die. did try to call you back but i was connected to someone else. i was very impressed with your quick attunement. you were accurate and didn't need any other info from you. i will call again. all my love xxx

From On 12/03/2018


Had a really in depth conversation and reading with Gemma. I feel full with the information and filled with clarity. Very satisfied and will definitely come back again!!

Dolly From Australia On 05/02/2018


Great reader! Tunes in well with the situation.! Hope you come back on again soon Gemma!!

From On 25/01/2018

Uplifting Guardian

I have been speaking to Gemma for while her guidiance are spot on and calm. And her predition are unfolding. Thank you Gemma❤

Evie From London On 11/09/2017

Very slow

She goes quiet for prolonged period and keeps repeating the same information. Wasted my minutes and then hung up on me!

Anon From UK On 14/07/2017

very clear reader

me and Gemma had a really strong connection everything she told me was exactly true and shes a very clear reader! felt like i was talking to an old friend thank you Gemma

robbert Johnson From west Midlands On 11/07/2017


was put through to her but was hoping for another - she asked a 'specific' question right away which I said 'let's tune in first to see if there's a connection with us' then she said 'give me a minute for which after a minute or more I said hello hello - nothing ?? kept me waiting with no reply ! waste of time and money - sorry hun to give you a negative but was not impressed with the way you handled the call !

Julie From UK On 27/05/2017


2nd reading. Seemed very lost and guess work. Disappointed as chose u. Nothing clear

S From Ireland On 21/05/2017

VERY good insight- very intuitive. Thanks!

Deb From U.S. On 14/04/2017


Wasted my money only for her to put the phone down on me because she had nothing to say!! Never again

Charlie From Manchester On 25/03/2017

Spot on!

Excellent connection. Gave me lots of info without asking any questions. Accurate reading with a prediction of someone finally opening up. Thank you so much Gemma Rose (sorry we got cut off- I tried to top up but pressed the wrong buttons)

K From On 17/03/2017

asked too many questions

asked too many questions, I don't trust her reading

J From UK On 25/01/2017

Insightful diligent and apt advice

From the moment I spoke to Gemma I felt at ease and felt as if I'm being heard. I was impressed with her skill to not only provide tarot reading but also horoscope and most importantly her higher spiritual guidance, which is quite unique. She is gentle, caring and genuinely interested to listen and resolve people's problems. What I really liked was that she requested me to contact her later about how I was doing in life. That's quite nice. I would like to thank Gemma and I wouldn't hesitate to approach her again.

Vandana Jaiswal From Australia On 04/12/2016

It was fantastic to speak with Gemma, she was spot on with the reading into my relationship and gave me some great insight into moving forward. I appreciate her time!

Jackie From Australia On 17/11/2016



CLAIRE From NEW YORK On 21/09/2016

Sorry we got cut off. Thanks for the reading. I'll keep positive and hope things go in my favour soon.

Carl From On 10/09/2016



CLAIRE From NEW YORK On 19/08/2016


Thank you for another lovely reading. I will keep in touch and let you know about the sale of my home. I hope it happens less than 3 months. I appreciate you going the extra mile and setting my mind at ease. God bless you

KATIANNA From Texas On 08/06/2016

Lovely lady

I was pleasantly surprised by Gemma Rose. She is very easy to talk to and is clearly dedicated to providing caring readings for her clients. Will be calling her again

Anya From London On 03/05/2016

very honest, insightful and goes the extra mile to help with problems.

You are an amazing human being and God will bless you for what you have done for me today. You worked very hard and dug deep so answers to my questions. I highly recommend you to everyone with 911 issues. God bless you dear

Katianna From Texas On 29/04/2016


I have had a lot of reading with this amazing Gemma Rose. Every time Gemma Rose tells me how she see or gives predictions, amazingly spot on! Thank you x Leanne from Australia

Leanne From Australia On 06/04/2016

Nice Reading!

I am happy with my reading. Will call again! Had very nice psychic abilities.

Rima B From Maryland,USA On 02/04/2016

You Changed My Mind

Gemma really changed my mind on all things psychic and I am now a fully fledged believer. Good reading with Gemma. Rob

Robert Hencher From East Midlands On 27/10/2015

answered questions

Gemma Rose was able to answer all of my questions with ease and the conversation flowed, more like talking to an old friend on the phone, she was able to clarify certain aspects of my life that most people would not know. I would definable speak to Gemma again xx

Kelly From Swansea On 12/10/2015

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Psychic Reader Yvette


I'm Available - Call Me Now

PIN 1458
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PIN: 1458

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Hello, my name is Yvette. I am a medium and spiritual healer with over 25 years worth of experience. I am a caring, very spiritual and non judgemental person. I really would like to read for you and provide you with the answers to your questions, or even give you a general reading for the next few months. PIN: 1458

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I'm Arrianne an experienced Tarot card and Psychic reader that uses energy and astrology to assist me with my readings. I also do dream analysis which I find very interesting. I am a caring person and I love doing professional readings for anyone who requests them. Please call me for a in-depth psychic and tarot reading today. PIN: 2124

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Psychic Reader Winnie


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PIN 8623
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PIN: 8623

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I have many years' experience in working with spirit, and insight from my own Guides has helped me achieve success for myself. My main abilities include tarot reading, clear seeing and subtle visions in the Mind's Eye (a 'sixth sense '). I offer powerful psychic readings over the phone. I can connect with names and minor details to answer your specific questions. I can offer answers to questions relating to love, relationships, money and much more to ease uncertainty. PIN: 8623

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Psychic Reader Susanna


Busy For 3 Hours

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PIN: 2998

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I have been a practising Psychic readings for thirty years and I am able to see the future by reading tarot cards, reading tea leaves and looking through my crystal ball. I am a friendly soul and I am non judgemental within my readings. Call me for an insightful reading today. PIN: 2998

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Psychic Reader Neil


Busy For 25 Minutes

PIN 2480
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PIN: 2480

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Hello I am Neil an experienced Tarot and Psychic reader with over 17 years worth of experience. I specialize in love, relationships, family matters and career issues. I will try my up most to answer all of your questions in a friendly and non judgemental way. PIN: 2480

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Busy For 9 Seconds
Psychic Reader Carris


Busy For 9 Seconds

PIN 6947
24 Reviews

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Calls cost 45p/min + network access charge


PIN: 6947

Reviews: 24

Hi I'm Carris a psychic medium here to assist you connect to loved ones in the Spirit world. I have had over 20 years experience and can assist you on many levels for insight and understanding please ring me BLESSED BE PIN NUMBER 6947

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Busy For 14 Minutes
Psychic Reader Bonnie


Busy For 14 Minutes

PIN 6597
51 Reviews

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Calls cost 45p/min + network access charge


PIN: 6597

Reviews: 51

My Spiritual abilities are claircognisant, tarot reader, pendulum divination, energy reader. I specialise in love, relationships and career readings. I became aware of my abilities at the age of 13 when I began to sense spiritual energies and predict events in my family. I have been reading the tarot for over 20 years and have read professionally as well as for friends and family. PIN: 6597

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Busy For 13 Minutes
Psychic Reader Noorie


Busy For 13 Minutes

PIN 2267
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Calls cost 45p/min + network access charge


PIN: 2267

Reviews: 42

Hello you are through to Noorie, pin number 2267. I can offer tarot and psychic readings on a professional level. I have been giving readings for over 10 years and I specialize in love, relationship and career readings. I am here to provide insight, clarity and an understanding of your situation. Call me for a warm and enlightening reading today. PIN: 2267

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Busy For 43 Minutes
Psychic Reader Phoenix Sunstar

Phoenix Sunstar

Busy For 43 Minutes

PIN 2283
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Calls cost 45p/min + network access charge


PIN: 2283

Reviews: 26

I'm a gifted psychic and tarot reader with over 35 years of experience. I offer detailed readings over a range of things including Love, romance, work, money, family and relationships. I also provide deep general readings for insight into your future. I use tarot cards to help clarify what spirit is saying, I also use Crystal's and can assist to cleanse negative energies. PIN: 2283

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Busy For 6 Minutes
Psychic Reader Tracey


Busy For 6 Minutes

PIN 7508
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Calls cost 45p/min + network access charge


PIN: 7508

Reviews: 7

I can offer my customers care and compassion, concern for their situation and I am an excellent listener. With an insight through the cards into the issues around their lives. My areas of expertise are love and career. I use the tarot and angel cards. PIN: 7508

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Busy For 40 Minutes
Psychic Reader Maggie Ray

Maggie Ray

Busy For 40 Minutes

PIN 7666
20 Reviews

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Calls cost 45p/min + network access charge


PIN: 7666

Reviews: 20

Hello, I am a Tarot Card Reader with 5 years of reading experience. I'm a friendly, empathic personality, offering open-minded and insightful readings on any subject. I first became aware of my abilities 20 years ago, when I was at the coast for healing purposes, and purchased my first Tarot deck and healing crystals. I started readings 5 years ago. I meditate regularly with crystals to keep my aura strong. PIN: 7666

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Busy For 11 Minutes
Psychic Reader Marie


Busy For 11 Minutes

PIN 1090
123 Reviews

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Calls cost 45p/min + network access charge


PIN: 1090

Reviews: 123

Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090

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