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Maisie From Australia On 19/11/2022

more counselling

HONEST CLIENT From London On 30/10/2022


More advice, Get away from the subject of what is annoying when you want clarity etc

E From Uk On 09/10/2022

Good reader

however, I wish you spend less time on advisory and consultancy. We want a psychic reading and Amanda you are good at it.

N From London On 01/05/2022

Tarot reader

I feel Amanda is more of a tarot reader. She picked up on something but could not give specific information in relation to my situation. I had to tell her the story to help her interpret the cards. She also gave me her personal opinions which I think shouldn't have been the case with any readers.

From On 07/03/2022


Genuine psychic. Picked up on facts. I was a little irritated that instead of answering my question, she decided to be preachy and tried to tell me that I " shouldn't be waiting around and just do my thing". Firstly I do my thing and don't wait. But in hindsight it is good advice. Overall good but please refrain from judging or instructing someone what to do

Anon From Au On 28/02/2022

Amazing reader

Hi Amanda thanks for the lovely positive reading sorry got cut off but u picked up on everything it’s like u know me before . I will b calling u again definitely for an update god bless . I highly recommend her give her a try you want to be disappointed Love and peace ✌

Francesca From Sheffield On 13/02/2022


Wow, what a fantastic reading this afternoon, 23/1/22 will keep in touch with you, PLEASE print

Susan From Wales On 23/01/2022


Good reader picked up on a lot and seemed accurate.Really nice to talk too as well. Will definitely be calling back again.

Donna From Australia On 13/01/2022


Very straight and to the point. But however, did give me confidence.

Alex From Kent On 14/11/2021

Very gifted

Great to speak with

Yes From London On 15/07/2021


Amazing review picked up on everything I was thinking without asking any questions many thanks

George From Australia On 27/05/2021

Absolutely Wonderful

It was a pleasure. she picked up on alot. i know what she said will come to pass

Sarah From Watford On 22/05/2021

The best!

Absolutely spot on! Also gives really reasonable advice. Amanda has a fantastic sense of humour. It felt like I was chatting to a friend. Offered quite a few predictions too.

z From Uk On 17/03/2021

She know it all

Thank u for my reading today. I gave you nothing and u gone straight to the area I needed help with. You described all as it is. I will hold on to the next 2/3 weeks and update u if she’s gone gone. Xx Thank u so much

From Uk On 25/02/2021

Gifted reader

a fantastic woman great to talk to really knows what she's saying and give some good predictions I believe her to be a true psychic

Mark From Yorkshire On 01/12/2020

very good

Amanda was spot on and lots of details 5 stars

Teresa From North LONDON On 29/11/2020

First time reading with Amanda and WOW it was fantastic thanks very much 8/11/20 will phone back later on

Susan From On 08/11/2020


Had an amazing reading today with Amanda, thank you so much, sorry ran out of credit but will phone again.

Cathy From UK On 06/11/2020

Your the best

There are no words to say how great you are thank you so much love and light

Karen From Australia On 26/10/2020


Thank you so much Amanda , You were SPOT ON with everything you said. I’m still shocked! It takes a lot for me to be surprised ... and you surprised me! Amazing! Not only did you make me feel at ease , and help me with my decision, but you’re also very friendly and extremely nice to talk to. Thank you so much. You’re a star! I’ll definitely be calling you again. Thanks again xx

Jess From Australia On 04/09/2020

Very good

Had very good reading with Amanda should give her a try x thanks Amanda xxx

Debs From Scotland On 20/08/2020

Good and worth it

I've had a couple of readings with Amanda now and she was good and to the points. Knew that a past guy was the opposite of me and what was going on and other things. No guessing or covering things not related to me. Am satisfied and will go to her again if needed. Give her a go. Worth it.

Cheryl From London On 14/08/2020


Brilliant, accurate and precise reading. Lovely flow and effortless delivery. This is my second call with a lovely Amanda, the prediction on the issue related to work has come to pass. Great psychic!

From London On 09/08/2020


Authentic and I would call her again, thank you

From On 03/08/2020

No psychic insight. It was purely based on one of the methods to interpret tarot cards

From On 25/07/2020

Great first reading

This is the first reading I've had with Amanda. Right away she picked up on someone being sneaky behind my back in a relationship. Amanda described the person I was in a relationship so well. She was very accurate and gave me lots to look forward to. Thank you Debs xx

From On 21/06/2020

Wow this lady is absolutely incredible didnt tell her a word she told me to think whilst she shuffled the cards and then say stop i did that and everything i asked she said without me evening mumbling any words thank you amanda x

Chantelle From Gloucestershire On 31/05/2020

Real psychic!

Wooooww! This is the real psychic I have been looking for! She was 100% accurate. Picked up EVERYTHING, all issues, all things that are currently happening in my life. I had readings to almost all the good ones in here but Amanda is the TOP 1. You should try her!

Cynthia From London On 29/05/2020

Just wow

This woman has got to be the most tuned in reader I have come across ever and i have come across alot. I git told he would tx me with in days but tx me while I was on the phone to her. Definitely phoning this one back.

Donna From South oxfordshire On 28/04/2020

Not helpful

I asked about a particular situation, she made a comment and then proceeded to talk about a whole bunch of stuff not related, that I had not asked about! I wish she could have listened.

Chris From London On 15/02/2020

Pretty Good

She is actually pretty good, but repeats herself over and over and asks a bunch of questions if you let her. She definitely does pick up on situations though.

From On 26/01/2020

Genuine and lovely reader

Thank you very much for picking up helpful details and seeing correctly into the two situations. I look forward to seeing positive developments in the next couple of weeks. You were accurate in describing both scenarios. Thank you.

Topsy From o/s On 23/10/2019

You are absolutely amazing with everything. Thank you ever so much. Big hugs from Scotland xxxx

From On 08/09/2019


Amazing 5 star the best

Yvette monroe From Maidstone On 29/04/2019

Great! spot on!!

excellent reading,spot on,got into detail that very people can see,and was very friendly compassionate and helpful in her approach.highly recommend!

Tara From london On 10/03/2019


Just amazing! We got cut off so did not get a chance to say thank you x

From scotland On 24/02/2019


Amanda tuned in very quickly to what is going on in my life at the moment. Her reading left me feeling very positive indeed. Amanda was spot on with everything she told me. Waiting to see things start to happen. Would like to have a longer reading next time.

Frances From Milton Keynes On 03/02/2019

She said get ready for travel in Spring...and I just got a call to say he wanted me to go to away with him in Spring as she predicted.What a fast brilliant reader.Blessings.

From On 30/12/2018

Great reader

Amanda picked up on my situation very quickly. She was spot on in everything she said to me. I'm impressed. Thank you

From On 29/11/2018


Thank you for your guidance on the situation. Appreciate the info.

Lyn From o/s On 04/11/2018


Amanda was awesome. Thank you so much. Xx

From On 09/10/2018

Brilliant reader and lovely lady as well.

aw a ran out of credit and never had a chance to say thankyou. My goodness you are a very good reader and I will come back.

From SCOTLAND On 20/08/2018


Awesome reading, very knowledgeable, loved all the positivity, will call again.

CC From USA On 03/08/2018


Great reader and psychic x

AnnMarie From London On 28/06/2018

Amazing connection.. waiting for the predictions to come true.

Ranzy From New South Wales On 24/06/2018

Amanada was spot on last night but had to cut call short but would love an in depth reading with her sometime soon.

Lorna From Glasgow On 18/05/2018


100% right on the complicated job front!!!! Best reading I have had xxx

From On 13/05/2018

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I use the Hanson-Roberts tarot, a quite traditional deck with a largely positive perspective on life. My most favoured spreads are The Relationship Spread, which uses 7 cards to clarify how you connect with a person, organisation or situation, The Three Fates which quickly examines Situation, Action and New Situation and I am happy to use The Celtic Cross. Other spreads are available on request. PIN: 6682

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I am an empath and intuitive reader. I work with spirit using tarot cards and oracle cards to bring insight and clarity to the querent’s question. I conduct in-depth tarot readings on love, relationships, family concerns and general questions. I am calm understanding and uncritical, I will always try my best to answers all of the questions without judgement. PIN: 4477

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My spiritual connections originate from my childhood. I'll be here to use my spiritual gifts to find answers for my callers’ issues. I conduct general tarot readings and rune stones. Please call me for an in-depth professional tarot reading and let’s find the answers for you. PIN: 8447

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I have over 10 years experience. My abilities were gifted to me and nurtured by my ancestors. I offer an open and clear reading to my callers. I am non-judgmental and provide unbiased readings that are personal to you and your questions. I specialise in Love and Relationship and Career readings. PIN: 5159

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I have been a practising Psychic readings for thirty years and I am able to see the future by reading tarot cards, reading tea leaves and looking through my crystal ball. I am a friendly soul and I am non judgemental within my readings. Call me for an insightful reading today. PIN: 2998

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Busy For 53 Seconds

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I have a natural psychic ability which helps me tap into the wisdom of the universe in order to assist my clients to find the answers to their questions, solutions and opportunities. Please call me for a professional reading today. PIN: 9336

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Psychic Reader Samuel


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PIN: 9180

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I am a very warm and empathic cartomancer and animist who is committed to assisting others during these strange and turbulent times. I work with spirit animals and the Tarot to glean unique insights and provide faithful insight to my clients. I have been giving readings for around two years and delight in lending aid to my fellow travellers on our shared journey through life. PIN: 9180

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Psychic Reader Shauna


Busy For 55 Minutes

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I have worked on the tarot line for over twenty years. I really started getting interested in tarot reading out of curiosity. My main abilities are reading the tarot cards, psychic readings and understanding and feeling peoples dreams. The cards I read are called "The Ryder Waite", cards. Please call me today for a warm and dedicated reading personally for you. PIN: 3743

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